Current Projects

Some things currently happening in my workshop

  • Edgerton MK2
    • It’s going to look beautiful
    • The offline driver is giving me heck
    • Boy have I learned lots about SMPS
  • A couple new 3D printers (one FFM, one SLA)
    • The FFM is nicknamed the ‘E-Z-Bake’ since it looks like one… 
    • Meant for printing Nylon
    • It has a worm-gearbox and liquid-cooled extruder
    • The SLA is quite basic
  • 3D print plastic recycler
    • I have lots of garbage PLA and ABS parts, might as well figure out how to reuse the material!
  • Pick & Place Machine
    • Well, I haven’t started it yet… Turns out that I really don’t enjoy populating PCB’s!