What Is This Place?

The internet has a population of hackers, inventors, and enthusiasts who have made an effort to provide their knowledge to the masses.  I’m an engineer tech. and photography enthusiast who has benefited GREATLY from the vast expanse of free information on the internet.  This website is my effort to join their ranks!

Bullet Photographed In Mid Air
Me posing with a bullet

I spend much of my free time designing, hacking, building, etc… Many of my projects end up being used very little compared to the effort I put into their construction. Far as I’m concerned, engineering is the fun part!

Feel free to contact me at tyler@td0g.ca!  Sometimes life can be busy and I might not be able to reply for a while.  That said, I really appreciate hearing from like-minded people!

Some Quick Links

High-Speed (Microsecond) Flash

Edgerton (MK1) – https://td0g.ca/2019/05/14/edgerton-a-high-speed-led-flash-diy/

E2-A (MK2) – https://td0g.ca/2020/06/29/e2-a-the-high-speed-led-strobe-mk-2/

Examples of High-Speed Photography https://td0g.ca/2016/07/24/shaken-not-stirred/

I can’t afford a microsecond flash, would a regular flash work? – https://td0g.ca/2020/08/09/enhanced-speedlight-strobe-duration-testing/

Ballistic Chronograph



Astrophotography Mounts

HoLi (MK2) – https://td0g.ca/2016/02/20/tracker-v2/

HoLi Update 1 (MK2.1) – https://td0g.ca/2017/01/07/tracker-v2-1/

HoLi Update 2 (MK2.2) – https://td0g.ca/2017/09/17/tracker-v2-2/

DeE (MK3) – https://td0g.ca/2019/01/05/telescope-mount-diy-tracker-v3/

ASCOM Drivershttps://td0g.ca/2019/01/10/writing-an-ascom-local-server-driver/


Wood-Burning Power Supplyhttps://td0g.ca/2016/11/03/pyrography-power-supply/

Camera Intervalometerhttps://td0g.ca/2017/12/13/attiny85-driven-intervalometer-diy/

IREnE (3-DOF Camera Slider) – https://td0g.ca/2018/09/23/camera-slider-2-0-irene-diy/

Reflow Ovenhttps://td0g.ca/2020/01/19/reflow-oven-rapid-delivery-diy/

PCB Probe Jig + Lab Power Supplyhttps://td0g.ca/2020/02/19/pcb-jig-lab-power-supply-diy/

Sonic Anemometerhttps://td0g.ca/2020/03/23/simple-sonic-anemometer-diy/

High-Voltage ATTINY85 Programmerhttps://td0g.ca/2020/04/13/high-voltage-flash-programming-on-attiny85/

OBS Studio Tally Lighthttps://td0g.ca/2020/05/27/simple-tally-light-for-obs-studio/