An Update

Hello fellow enthusiasts,

This is an apology and an explanation. Over the past several years I’ve benefited a TON from the open-source community and had lots of fun coming up with my own designs. I’ve worked hard to document and share those designs online.

This pandemic has opened up a couple cool opportunities for me within my own community, and I’ve shifted my focus from the fun projects on this website to volunteering here in my hometown. This won’t last forever, but for the time I am just very short on time for hobbies (and that sadly includes photography, my ‘leisure hobby’).

I hope to return to developing and maintaining these projects SOON, but there’s no time frame in place right now. It’s been so much fun corresponding with you all and I miss that. I’m planning on allocating time each week to replying to emails and comments, so hopefully I won’t need to apologize again!

Now with that said, I’ve had just a little bit of time to develop the ballistic chronograph sensors. The new LG0 Rev 4 board design is complete and will be slightly cheaper and have two status LED’s. A brand-new LG1 board is nearly complete will have the same basic design and footprint, but additional circuitry will have two additional outputs and status LED’s: ‘Trigger-Low‘ and ‘Trigger-High‘ indicate whether the trigger state has gone low or high in the past 0.2 seconds. This will allow for easier setup and compatibility with poorly-optimized firmware. These boards will hopefully enter production soon.

Very Best,


3 thoughts on “An Update”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for all the detailed info and work you’ve put into the open source chrony.

    I was just wondering if there was any news on the LG0rev4 or LG1 boards? I am busy working on making a Pi Pico version of the software, but the hardware/sensors are my weak spot. I tried to get some through JLCPCB, but there were components they didn’t have, and I have no idea how to pick suitable replacements 🙂

    Any updates would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hey TAD,
      Thanks for reaching out! I have some R4 boards in my lab but just haven’t had enough time to test them. What parts are you missing at JLCPCB? I had guessed it was the TPS61041 but they seem to be in stock.
      Also, I’m curious about the Pi Pico – what is the Arduino lacking? I think the Pi Pico hardware will be fine so long as you either power the sensors with 3.3V or you disable the pullup resistor on the sensor. IE. don’t hit the Pico with a 5V signal.
      Thanks! Tyler

  2. Hi Tyler, how are you? Could you give me your email? I can’t seem to find it anywhere 🙁 Best regards.


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